The old owner of the website had a pretty inspiring vision of what eye of raw food was about.

You may think that this site was all about organic food and yes, it did incorporate some of that. However, the writer meant for eye of raw to be more about a lifestyle in which healthy living was just a part of the call.

To take it even further, the author believed that we need to become one with nature. We need to get back to our roots, literally, because we come from earth and we will return to earth when we die.

Once you become “raw” a transformation takes place. You start to see like more “raw”, you start to incorporate yourself into the universe and into nature. You become one with not only nature but with others as well. You start to live a more holistic life.

Furthermore, the writer believes that when you have become raw, you will stop polluting the earth, yourself, and others. You will live from the inside out in the most organic state possible. You can then start to make gains on becoming the type of human being we all strive to be, simply a better person not only to yourself and your loved ones but to everyone in general.

I absolutely love this philosophy. We should all strive to obviously become better human beings but also to come into a better connection with the earth and all things natural. Not only in the practical, which would be not polluting and eating healthy, earth grown products but also in how you approach life from a soul level. Living in love and loving in life. Helping others to also live a more raw and intentional life and improving all of our quality of lives.

We are proud to present eyeofrawfoods.com once again!