The former owner of Eye of Raw used this website to share how they lived the the lifestyle of being Raw. To the author, Eye of Raw was more than just eating raw foods rather it was a way of life. It was a lifestyle that entailed not only eating raw and organic foods but it was about living with nature and  being one with nature.

The author wrote about this beautiful article that I really liked. It featured on how one should live if one decided to live the life of being raw. It talked about how we perceive, receive  and react to the things that are happening to us and around us. Usually when one comes with a very low energy the author often assessed on a person’s food in take. Food was one of the many factors but it is more than what the person ate. A person’s energy highly depends on how he/she would react to the events that are unravelling throughout the day. One could expend more energy when one thinks of negative thought and perceives of events negatively. The author suggests that one could conserve more energy when one would rather think before reacting negatively.

The author quoted Abraham Hick saying

The universe does not know whether the vibration that you’re offering is because of something you’re observing or something you’re remembering or something that you are imagining. It just receives the vibrations and answers it with things that match it.

Every energy spent goes out to the universe and that energy would then be received back exactly how it was expelled. So think wisely before expending on every energy because it always gets back to you exactly how it was expelled.

A great article to reflect on especially when one is having a bad day. Reacting negatively could just turn your day from bad to worst.

Eye of Raw also served as an eye opener to how much we have used and abused mother nature. It was stated in one of their blog articles that as we look around us, we are surrounded by buildings and man made structures. We breath smog and only see the colour green on the crack in the side walk and as we look further we find fewer and fewer greenery around. Which I believe is a very relevant observation.

The philosophy of Eye of Raw was that we were created from nature, we walked on the earth, breathed the air and bathed on the the rivers and streams. We respected mother Nature and Mother Nature took care of our needs. Mother Nature provided us with a home, fed and clothed us when we took care of her.

As we look on where we live, the things around us. We could see how distant we are now with Mother Nature. How long can we sustain this? How long can Mother Nature take the attacks that we are giving her?

The author then likened us of being fishes out of the water. We eventually would seek nature and need the earth, the greenery and the clean air.

I also agree to the statement from the author of Eye of Raw stating that the earth is already suffering and crying out for us to stop. The first step that each and every one of us to do is recognise the problem at hand. If one does not realise the severity of the problem one could not take the first step in helping save mother nature.

On your own little way, plant a tree, pick up garbage, conserve energy and water. In every relationship it is give and take and we have been taking so much from mother nature. It is now our time to give back before everything it already too late.

Eye of Raw seeked to enhance our relationship with Mother Nature. This included the people around us, the animals and plants. Take care of Mother Nature and Mother Nature would take good care of us.